Why Refurbished IT can be a better solution for business?

Why Refurbished IT can be a better solution for business?

Buying new items has its advantages, but it’s not always necessary, and should never be the default option. Many users of IT equipment often set the life cycle on their products much shorter than the actual life. The only reason they are end-of-life is that a newer generation is now in the market. But not all businesses are in need for new equipment every 5 years. Many businesses decide to continue using their current systems and because of that they are buying refurbished equipment.

Buying refurbished is getting popular, with more and more companies which recognized advantages in using refurbished products. Refurbished IT equipment means that equipment is “as new” or used equipment that’s been reconditioned (or “refurbished”) to a like-new condition. This process includes many diagnostics tests, which fixes non-functional or broken equipment, to bring up the products to the same standards as new products have, and then to be qualified as a refurbished product.

There are many reasons why refurbished IT equipment can be a better solution than buying new equipment, here are 6 of them:

  1. Cost-efficient

The main reason for buying refurbished equipment is that it saves you money. The reason behind it is that it’s not new anymore, and most likely there are newer models or versions out on the market already, further reducing the value of the product. By buying refurbished equipment you can save an average of 40 to 60 percent of the selling price for the same equipment in new condition, and that the cost of investment you can use for other more profitable purposes.

  1. High quality

The quality of the product is a very important factor for every piece of equipment. If the price of the equipment is low and the equipment does not work well, then there is no point in the price being low. Refurbished hardware goes through testing and detailed assessments by a qualified technician, and in some cases, upgrading the original manufacturer’s specs, and that is what makes refurbished equipment safe and high-quality solution.

  1. Quick delivery of the equipment

Orders from hardware manufacturers, especially larger and more complex orders, can take a long time and can be a complex process. Refurbished equipment is usually in large warehouses and is ready for immediate delivery to the customer or takes significantly less time. Also, they are usually available from multiple suppliers and at multiple locations, so the procurement process is quite easy. There are many options and a great deal of flexibility when it comes to buying refurbished.

  1. Support

Buying a refurbished product from the distributors of refurbished products gives you access to the same tech support you had to get with a new product. That means if you have any problems with your refurbished equipment, you can call your distributors of refurbished products for help. It is significantly cheaper than mainstream support from hardware vendors. Third-party maintenance (TPM) companies can support hardware from several vendors concurrently.

  1. Prolonged warranty

Distributors of refurbished products usually offer longer than usual warranties. In many cases, technical support is extremely expensive if provided by the manufacturer. In some parts of the world clients even cannot receive any support because of their geographical location.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Refurbishment is ecologically friendly – the life span of existing devices is prolonged with no adverse effect on their functionality or reliability. This is very important not only because the electronic equipment is expensive, but also because this is the way the electronic waste is reduced. That is why this branch of industry is commonly called „GreenIT“. Of course, this is not the most important factor to consider when making a decision about upgrading versus maintenance, but it is good to keep it in mind.


Why you should choose us for business?

DOCSISBOX is a part and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company Network Manager Group that specializes in offering new and refurbished DOCSIS and GPON equipment made by globally recognized vendors. Every product we sell is inspected, cleaned, tested, and brought back to original factory specifications. We also include a warranty and offer extended maintenance plans that are great values compared to the manufacturer. A huge warehouse with equipment from different manufacturers allows us to deliver the equipment within 3-5 days. We can quickly replace purchased pieces of hardware, no matter if they are EoL (End-of-Life) or not. Our team of certified engineers can offer technical support 24/7. And last but not least we can achieve a more green and ecological approach, and together we can bring down the production of new equipment and make our environment healthier.




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