How important is a fast and reliable WI-FI network for modern companies such as Schneider Electric?

How important is a fast and reliable WI-FI network for modern companies such as Schneider Electric?

What does the modern way of doing business require?

Regardless of whether it is a large or small company, also which type of business it is, in the modern way of daily doing business it is necessary to be connected to the internet. We live in a world dominated by connected devices such as robotic machines, wide spectra of smart devices, and many other connected devices that make the new world. Many surveys show that the digital economy is growing 7 times faster than the traditional economy, and that is a sign that companies that had recognized the potential of digitalization of their businesses now grow drastically faster and they are more successful than the companies which did not use the potential of the digital economy.

Now, technology is an integral part of any business and every piece of that technology has already connected among themselves. Connecting devices among themselves allow us to turn workplaces into one intelligent ecosystem, and in that way help companies to have better results through making high efficiency and productivity in working.  In relation to the above, if we know that for communication between devices and also between people, in that intelligent system, it becomes clear that is necessary that companies must have reliable and fast wireless and wired network for a successful business.

The potential of an intelligent workplace depends on a qualitative and stable internet connection which allows that all devices and machines could be connected in one network. Since today there is a tendency for all devices and machines to be connected wirelessly to networks, establishing a quality and stable wireless network in the work environment is the basis of a modern way of doing business.

There are many potential problems in the functioning of a wireless network. Some of those problems could be out of your control, but for some of them, there are measures that people can take to reduce or neutralize the network failure.

What we do in the company Network Manager incorporate with business partners is exactly that we follow trends in business, identifies customer needs, and respond quickly and adequately to these requirements. Network Manager is a company that recognized the importance and necessity of a stable and qualitative wireless network, and with a professional technical team had made solutions that have to allows more efficient and productive business for their clients.

How does it look like in real business?

Many years of experience in working with wireless network, our team have been always faced with different obstacles and challenges that have always successfully solved and always left our clients satisfied. In the end, with every different completed assignment, we got the precious experience and to our clients, we give a stable and reliable wireless network.

Our working experience in working in a large company like Schneider Electric you can see in the case study which is attached:



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