Streaming service for kids – Next generation of television for children

Streaming service for kids – Next generation of television for children

The Future of kids TV channels

It is almost certainly that habits of younger generations have been changing drastically. The way children are watching TV nowadays and the way that their parents did are completely different. In the past, their parents would have to follow the airing schedule, and sit themselves in front of the TV if they wanted to watch a cartoon before bedtime. The number of TV content made for children was also quite limited, if existent at all, and few people were lucky enough to have access to more than 1 or 2 channels that broadcasted cartoons daily.

Today, the world of broadcast entertainment is different. Today’s generation lives in an era of content hyperproduction and technological change that brings a new way of accessing content. Kid’s content market is a very competitive field of today’s entertainment industry, and so the market is pushing new product developers into searching for a more innovative approach. In addition, new technologies bring new features, such as:

–           Non-linear viewing

–           SVOD

–           Multi device TV consumption

–           Offline watching…

And all these changes imply the necessity of adapting marketing strategies. Today’s trends require launching streaming services instead of traditional broadcasting.

Great content alone will not succeed

Kids nowadays are more demanding in terms of how they want to consume their content and what content they want to have and what they want to see on their screens. Improvements in kidtech are a requirement from content providers for implementation of digital alternatives. According to the Ofcom report in 2020, nearly all children aged 5-15 have and know how to access and use the internet. Laptops, tablets and mobile phones were the most used devices for internet browsing, used by seven out of ten of these children. Since the introduction of internet and technical accessories such as laptops, tablets and smartphones has surge, the need for an environment that respects the above becomes a key direction in the development processes and strategy of all who work in the market of video services for children.

Brand universe that lives outside of kids TV channel

What was possible only for the largest media companies and what gave them an advantage in the market becomes available for your budget!

Plum OTT is an adaptable streaming platform that provide a safe place for watching and listening to multimedia content from the provider’s database. Through the kids OTT platform, parents are assured that the content their children watch is age-appropriate and that their children are not exposed to inappropriate content. Plum OTT platform, behind many functionalities, is simple and intuitive to use. It’s important to mention its availability on different screens: on android (TV, tablet, mobile), iOS (TV, tablet, mobile), Samsung TV, LG TV, Fire Stick and Web access which is of high importance since it is intended for children. Here are just some of the benefits of the Plum OTT platform:

  • LIVE
  • VOD
  • UI/UX


For parents, the streaming platform is a safe place for their little ones, while for children, the OTT platform will be a place for entertainment with a huge video library that contains quality content that is easy to search.

It’s all about the direct customer relationship

The competition has increased, making it harder for companies to remain relevant in the kids multimedia content marketplace. The key for standing out on the market is to personalize the user experience. One of the most valuable benefits that comes with Plum OTT is the ability to filter the content according to the specific interests and preferences of each viewer. The better the Kids OTT platform provider understands the taste of their consumer, the better service they can provide. Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability that the Plum OTT platform offers, providers have the potential to create amazing experiences for their customers, which are new and different from what other distribution companies have to offer. It also provides an opportunity for the provider to get a better feedback from their audience and develop better products and services based on that knowledge. This way, brand loyalty is achieved.

Make new universe together

Network Manager is a system integrator company, that has been present on the IT market for over a 15 years with a large scale of clients in ISP/Cable /Telco Operator/Corporate sector. We design, implement, integrate and maintain dozen solutions for broadband access (Digital CATV, IPTV, OTT etc). Part of our portfolio is the OTT platform under brand name PLUM. PLUM OTT platform is designed and developed by Network Manager R&D departments specialized for delivering custom made solutions for Interactive TV and streaming platforms. Our solution provides highest level of operability and reliability to operators and content providers. At the same time, it gives the best user experience with both standard and unique functionalities. It incorporates all the functionalities that are important for next generation OTT/Streaming solutions while bringing in new features and optimized delivery platform.

You can find all details about PLUM Interactive TV platform on our webpage: